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Executive Members

The Executive Committee shall consist of elected Vice President, and 5 members shall be appointed by the members of the Council. The President of the Council normally be the President of the Committee.

(1) Eligibility to Continue as Member

A member shall cease to be a member of the Executive Committee,

a) If he ceases to be a member of the Council or

b) If he remains absent from three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee without the leave of absence from the Executive Committee.

(2) Resignation of Member

A member may resign at any time by a notice in writing to the President. Such resignation shall take effect from the date on which it is accepted by the President.

(3) Casual Vacancies

a) The Council shall, as soon as there is a casual vacancy in the office of a member of the Executive Committee, fill it up by electing a member from amongst its members Provided that any such vacancy occurring within two months prior to the expiry of the term of the member shall not be filled.

b) A member elected under sub-rule (a) shall hold office so long as the member in whose place he is elected would have held it, if the vacancy had not occurred.

(4) Calling of Meetings

The Executive Committee shall ordinarily meet once every two months on such date as may be fixed by the President. The President may whenever he thinks fit and shall, upon a written requisition of not less than 3 members and on a date not later than seven days after the receipt of such request, call an extraordinary/emergent meeting of the Executive Committee on short notice.

(5) Notice of Meetings

All members of the Executive Committee shall be given seven clear days' notice of an ordinary meeting and three clear days' notice in the case of an extraordinary meeting. Such notice shall specify the place, date and time of the meeting and state whether the meeting is a general meeting or a special meeting and the business. to be transacted thereat

(6) Presiding Authority

The President, when present, shall preside at every meeting of the Executive Committee. If at any meeting, the President is absent, the Vice-President shall preside at such meeting. In the absence of both, the members present shall elect the Presiding Authority from amongst themselves.

(7) Attendance at Meeting

a) At each meeting, an attendance register shall be placed in the meeting room and every member present shall sign against his name in the register.

b) Three members including the President shall form a quorum.

(8) Business to be Transacted at Meetings

At any ordinary meeting and in case of extraordinary meeting no business other than that specified in the notice calling such meetings shall be transacted: Provided that the presiding authority may permit any business to be discussed which is of urgent nature and which could not reasonably be entered in the notice.

(9) Adjournment of meetings

a) If there is no quorum present, the presiding authority shall adjourn the meeting for half an hour on the day.

b) Any special or ordinary meeting may, with the consent of a majority of members present, be adjourned from time to time but only the business left un-disposed of at the meeting from which the adjournment took place shall be transacted at the adjourned meeting.

(10) Decision at meeting

a) All the items of the agenda at a meeting of the Executing Committee shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present and voting.

b) The Presiding Authority shall have second or casting vote in all cases of equality of votes.

(11) Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of the proceedings of each meeting of the Executive Committee shall be kept in a book to be kept for the purpose and shall include the names of members present and if any member present at the meeting so desires, the names of the members voting for or against any motion shall be included as such in the minutes. This book shall be signed by the presiding authority at the next meeting after the minutes are confirmed, and shall, at all reasonable times, be open to, inspection by any member of the Executive Committee. The copies of the minutes shall be supplied to every member of, the Executive Committee within fifteen days from the date of the meeting.

(12) Power, duties and functions of Executive Committee

a) The Executive Committee shall consider all petitions or applications addressed to the Council and shall submit its report thereon to the Council.

b) The Executive Committee shall consider and prepare a report of any subject which may seem to require the attention of the Council or on such subjects as may be indicated to it by the Council.

c) The Executive Committee shall consider and report to the Council on all matters concerning the inclusion or deletion of any qualification or from the Schedule to the Act.

d) The Executive Committee shall call from the authorities of any Medical College or School or from any Examining body such information as may be required by the Council and place it before the Council with its report.

e) The returns of professional examinations .conducted during the year and their results shall be collected by the Executive Committee which shall prepare annually a table of results of such examinations to be laid before the Council.

f) The Executive Committee shall exercise all powers including administrative and financial powers as are delegated to it from time to time by the Councilor by any other specific order.

(13) Honorarium for Attendance at Meetings

Every member of the Executive Committee shall be paid an honorarium of rupees five hundred only(Rs.500.00) for attending a meeting of the Executive Committee. This shall be inclusive of any-travelling /daily allowance.

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